Computer Circuit Board

About Us

IT-TEC specializes in IT support, security, networking and infrastructure.   Our approach is to offer a fixed retainer (coupled with an SLA to ensure quality of service) that includes all of the client’s requirements.   We specialize in core placements to corporatized clients requiring dedicated teams and remote support deployment to smaller entities with onsite field technician availability. This approach has given us the edge over our competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed us to absorb key staff from competitors who couldn’t keep up with the demand during these times.  We’ve strategically partnered with all the major IT distributors which allows us to offer retail services to our clients at phenomenal pricing. We’ve also partnered with industry leaders across the Western Cape in areas such as Anti-Virus security groups, internet security groups, internet solutions and wireless ISP’s, telecommunication and mobile partners and can offer a wide variety of additional services natively that would not normally be included in IT support packages. This allows us to bring meaningful impact and value to your business.